About the World Petroleum Council

The World Petroleum Council (hereinafter referred to as the WPC) is a non-profit organization accredited under the United Nations to provide the global platform to discuss the key issues of the oil and gas field

The WPC was established in 1933 in London. The WPC members include 65 world countries, which represent over 95% of the global oil and gas production and consumption.

The World Petroleum Congress (hereinafter referred to as the Congress) is an important event in the global oil and gas industry which held every 3 years in one of the member countries of the organization. The main purpose of the Congress is to create an interactive platform to enable experts, analysts and specialists of the oil and gas industry to discuss innovative achievements, technologies and use of global oil resources for the benefit of mankind.

Organization structure

  • National committees of the member countries;
  • Council;
  • Executive Committee;
  • Congress Program Committee;
  • Young Professionals Committee;
  • Secretariat.